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Global Warning

Ignorance and Arrogance
Who would have thought
Politicians united in a stance
In a confused global plot

The global plot is now thickening
As politicians jump on board
The sincerity is so sickening
I am really getting bored

Bored by political pronouncements
Sick and tired of good intentions
When they err, no renouncements
Just more and more pretensions

Voters get what they deserve
When asking for more government
Why can’t we muster up the nerve?
And use our own good judgment

Global common sense is fading
knowledge should be moot
some media is daily parading
Global Science beyond refute

What is one to really believe
Can we trust global bureaucracy?
It seems they want to deceive
As if they are a theocracy

“Save our mother earth”
“For our children’s children”
A mantra based on mirth
Global children are dying TODAY

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Copyright © 2007
Ron Cirotto



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