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Amortization Pro for iPhone/iPad/iPod



3% Cashback

7% Cashback

35 Year Mortgages

40 Year Mortgages

40 Year Mortgages as a Stepping Stone

40 Year Mortgage Interest Saving Tip

A new type of Mortgage

A wake up call for American borrowers

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)

All you need to know about mortgages

An Inconvenient Mortgage

An IRD is not a mortgage penalty

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Another reason why you need an amortization schedule

APR Calculation Truth in Lending

APR Overview

APR - What does it really mean?

APR - What is it?

An easy to use IRD Calculator

Another Perspective on Amortization Schedules

Auto Lease

Average Annual Rates are Misleading

Average Annual Rate vs Annual Compounded Rate

Balloon Payments

Biweekly Mortgages Explained

Biweekly Mortgage Schedule

Blend and Extend Interest Rates

Blended Loans

Blended Rates

Blended Rates - Do you really win?

Borrower Beware

Calculating Mortgage Yields

Canada Interest Act

Canadian Compare

Canadian Mortgage Interest Calculation Confusion

Canadian Mortgage Prepayment Penalties

Canadian Tax Free Savings Account

Canadian weekly mortgage vs GMAC weekly mortgage

Computing Tips

Complex Schedule

Confused Journalist

Consumer Protection Act 2002

Cost of Borrowing

Cost of Borrowing disclosure in Canada

Cost of Borrowing Explained

Credit Card Late Charges

Credit Card Misinformation

Criminal Interest Rate

Detailed IRD

Discounting Tutorial

Discounting Tutorial Continued

Effective Rates

Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is Important

Equivalant Biweekly

Exact Day Monthly Payment Mortgage

Exact is not Exact

Excessive Interest Rates

Export as a Text File

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy 101

Financial Planning

Free Advice

Free Financial Planner

Free Monthly Payment Calculator

Getting Started

Interest Accruing Loan

Interest Calculations in General

Interest Rate Differential (IRD)

IRD / Discount

IRD example in The Canadian Press

Knowledge is the first step to economic success

Late Payments

Learning how to avoid the debt trap

Leasing Automobiles

Less than Prime Percent

Long Fuse Mortgage Bomb

Loopy Lenders


Misleading Information

Misleading Tips

Missing Monthly Payments

Modified 0% Loan

More IRD Info

More Mortgage Misinformation

Mortgage 101 Seminars

Mortgage Availability

Mortgage Experts

Mortgage Interest Rate Buydowns

Mortgage Renewal Penalties

Mortgage Tips

National Debt

National Debt Interest Savings

Negative Amortization Schedule

Negative amortization schedules can be useful

Never Skip Mortgage Payments

Newspaper Articles

Olympic advertisement prompts APR question

Paying back the missed principal portion of the blended payment

Paying down your mortgage

Paying the IRD

Prepaying Principal

Prepaying Principal as per an amortization schedule

Prepaying Principal Tip

Present Value - Future Value Amortization Schedule

Printed Schedule

Read the fine print

Reference Chart

Retirement Planning

Reverse Mortgages


Simple IRD

Simple Schedule

Strange Math

Summary of Schedules

Task force to craft plan to teach money skills

Terminology Tip

The ABCs of a mortgage

The apps to take with you when you buy your next home

The ethical IRD

The IRD is not rocket science!

The Rule of 78

Three compelling reasons to buy MORTGAGE2 PRO

Tickler Rates

Top 10 Reasons You Need an Amortization Schedule

Top Ten Mortgage Myths

Total Cost of Borrowing (TCOB)

Truth in Lying, Effective Rate and Days Per Year

Understanding an Amortization Schedule

USA / Canada Info

Useless Brochures

Weekly Payments Revisited

Were you a BMO Bank Of Montreal Mortgage Customer?

What a Schedule looks like before printing

What is semi annual compounding?

What you can learn from this site

Your Mortgage is an Investment


Environmental Articles

Canadian KYOTO

Climate Skeptic Arguments Don't Hold Water (or Ice)

Energy Saving Idea

Global Warning

KYOTO Accord

Will Canada meet it's 2030 Paris Agreement GHG emission targets?




amortizationdotcom Mortgage Calculator for iPhone

Introduction to Canadian and American Mortgages

Seminar on prepaying principal (Part A)

Seminar on prepaying principal (Part B)

Global TV Interview regarding 40 Year Mortgages


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