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Amortization Pro for iPhone/iPad/iPod


Reference Chart

Tab: Pressing the tab key enters information and moves you to the next Calculator box. The tab key is the only way to move about the Calculator boxes in addition to the mouse.

F6: Pressing the F6 key on a Calculator box, recalculates the contents of that box. Left Clicking on the prompt message in front of that Calculator box also recalculates the contents of that Calculator box.

Enter: The Enter key purposely does not function inside the Calculator.

Mouse: The mouse, via left clicking, is the only way to enter or leave the Calculator.

Automatic Recalculation: You must retype information in all of the first three Calculator boxes in order for the fourth box (Payment:) to be automatically calculated. Even if a number is in the box that you want, you must still type over it in order for the calculator to recognize the change. Also, as long as any three of the first four boxes are changed the remaining box will be calculated.

(Screenshot 1)

If you were quoted auto payments of $800 per month for 4 years on a loan of $30,000 you would be able to calculate that the nominal interest rate being charged was 12.6754% because of this "calculate any 3 of four feature".

Tab: The tab key enters information in spreadsheet cells that accept information and then moves to the right as in Excel.

Enter: Pressing the Enter key on a Spreadsheet cell will enter the change, recalculate the Spreadsheet and move down one cell just like in Excel.

Mouse: The mouse, via left clicking, is the only way to enter or leave the Spreadsheet.

Date Changes: Left double clicking on any date in the Date column of the Spreadsheet will bring up the Change Payment Date window.

(Screenshot 2)

Toolbar: Only the tools that are accessible while in the Spreadsheet (see fuzzy boarder around Payment #2 cell) will be coloured the rest of the icons on the toolbar will be greyed out. The Edit menu is only available while inside the Spreadsheet.

(Screenshot 3)




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